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Why did I make this website?

So! This website is all about my Journey in Architecture… from the books I read… to all the assignments I do. Throughout my journey I am going to make a lot of mistakes and learn from them, so when I look back I wanna realise how far I have come. Also, I love writing 😉

  • Learnings of Semester I- Architecture

    Four months into architecture, and honestly, I have learned a lot in these four months. So here are a few things that I have learned so far:

    1.My observation has gotten a lot better. I have started observing simple things around me and have begun taking a pause by opening up all my five senses – smell, touch, sight, taste, and hearing.

    2.I now find old structures to be beautiful – structures which I used to ignore before. All these beautiful buildings in Pune and small abandoned houses have started to fascinate me in all aspects.

    3.I have learned to live in the moment. I now capture pictures in my mind. I used to do it before as well, but nowadays, I am doing it more as I have started to feel places.

    4.Sleep and architecture don’t go hand in hand.

    Through all of this, I think it has helped me to love my life even more nowadays. I’m happier; I come home, work, and sleep, which gives me happiness. The stress of submissions somehow makes me happy, maybe because I love to be busy. Semester 1 didn’t just help me improve my creativity, but it also helped me develop a lot as a person, and I am loving where I am as of now. I promise myself to be a sponge!

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    Day 1 of sem II

    Semester II begins from today, kinda excited. Well, sem I taught me alot. Ut made my vision wider, I did learn alot. Starting this Semester on a good note. It was a lazy Tuesday morning ,got up and left for college. Honestly, nobody was in the mood to study today as our exams got over yesterday. But we had no option. Today we had AGD class, the faculty introduced us to the AGD II syllabus, seems quite fun to be honest. We have around 11 12 sheets this Semester. After the introduction we had a guest lecture of Ar. Parag Deshpande, who is a well known architect of pune. It was a very interactive session. Some of us asked him a few questions ans he answered them all. He also told us some dos and donts as an architecture student. 4 months into this field and to be honest we dont get that much time to spend with our friends from other fields and family, and its because we are not managing time well and now we have got used to this, atleast me. He told us just one thing “Architecture is your life now, not just these 5 years but till you die.” and that hit me hard, I never realized this until today. He also told us that you guys are working hard these 5 years but trust me its for the good. It was a very good session. He kinda motivated us to keep working and the work shall pay off, maybe not soon but someday. After the session we did our AGD sheet, just a basic plan, elevation, and isometric view and then went home. 1st day was inspirational indeed. Hoping for the best!

  • Exploring Serial Planes: Creating Beautiful Designs Through Repetition and Rhythm

    Serial planes are like the building blocks of great architecture, and they’re all about taking any shape or form and arranging it in a repeated pattern. It’s a simple but powerful concept that relies on repetition and rhythm to create designs that are both functional and beautiful.

    For instance, imagine taking slices of bread and arranging them in a circular pattern with equal spacing. That’s a serial plane, and it’s a cool way to create a pattern that’s visually striking and functional at the same time. You could probably use this pattern to decorate the exterior of a building, or even the interior.

    As an architecture student, getting to grips with serial planes can help you master the art of repetition and rhythm in your designs. It’s all about using one element and then repeating it in a rhythmic pattern to create a design that’s both practical and visually appealing.

    So, if you’re looking to make your mark in the world of architecture, start exploring serial planes today.

    Whether you’re building a skyscraper or a garden shed, the principles of repetition and rhythm will help you create a design that’s sure to impress!

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    Finding Beauty in Unexpected Places: A Reflection on the Healing Power of Nature

    There was a place where I had been to, it wasn’t a beautiful sight, there was some man made dump but nature added beauty to its, the leaves were laying on the ground, the breezy air allowed the leaves to come dancing on the ground felt like they were calling me to join them it was an experience close to nature, the sun was bright but with the cold breeze with it was making it an amazing experience but by looking at the site I got so lost into its beauty that I couldn’t hear anything else but the breeze and the voice of the leaves falling the crumbling sound of the leaves when someone walks on it give me a feeling of satisfaction.

    It wasn’t a pleasant sight but the experience was just amazing, the dump added in aesthetic to the view, the ground was filled with dried leaves said spring is coming, the flowering trees, the stones which were stack unevenly on the ground, it was a dusky place indeed but the aesthetic, the feeling and the cold breeze added a beautiful touch to the experience. The sun and the shadows that were formed because of the dancing trees it was like a cherry on top. It’s crazy how I have been to that place so many times but today when I experienced it was like a whole new place to me.

    Experiencing places is now kind of teaching me a lot of new things it is teaching me how to look at those places from a different perspective all together by closing my eyes and opening all my senses. It feels like I’m living in the moment and what I am learning from it will definitely add a lot of value in my design and what I will be doing in the future.

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    Transfer of Loads

    2nd February, 2023, Thursday

    Today we had a TDS lecture (Theory of Structures) in which we were asked to get cubes made up of matchsticks, Box boards, foam sheets. There were different kind of cubes made. SIngle matchsticks, double matchsticks, matchstick cube with diagonals, Box board cube with centre cut out in a cube shape & another with a circle.

    We were totally clueless what will we do with it. The teachers entered the class with 2 concrete bricks, tiles & a weighing scale. They then took a cube & started putting weight on it, some cubes were strong enough to carry a load of 30 to 45 kgs. It was all about the material & joineries. In some cases the material failed but the joineries was very good & in some cases the joineries failed. In some cases the strength of the cube was good enough just by the placement, the structure of the cube (with minimum material by proper placement)

    By this we learnt about the lord transfer and the importance of the material strength and joinery

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