Transfer of Loads

2nd February, 2023, Thursday

Today we had a TDS lecture (Theory of Structures) in which we were asked to get cubes made up of matchsticks, Box boards, foam sheets. There were different kind of cubes made. SIngle matchsticks, double matchsticks, matchstick cube with diagonals, Box board cube with centre cut out in a cube shape & another with a circle.

We were totally clueless what will we do with it. The teachers entered the class with 2 concrete bricks, tiles & a weighing scale. They then took a cube & started putting weight on it, some cubes were strong enough to carry a load of 30 to 45 kgs. It was all about the material & joineries. In some cases the material failed but the joineries was very good & in some cases the joineries failed. In some cases the strength of the cube was good enough just by the placement, the structure of the cube (with minimum material by proper placement)

By this we learnt about the lord transfer and the importance of the material strength and joinery

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