Day 1 of sem II

Semester II begins from today, kinda excited. Well, sem I taught me alot. Ut made my vision wider, I did learn alot. Starting this Semester on a good note. It was a lazy Tuesday morning ,got up and left for college. Honestly, nobody was in the mood to study today as our exams got over yesterday. But we had no option. Today we had AGD class, the faculty introduced us to the AGD II syllabus, seems quite fun to be honest. We have around 11 12 sheets this Semester. After the introduction we had a guest lecture of Ar. Parag Deshpande, who is a well known architect of pune. It was a very interactive session. Some of us asked him a few questions ans he answered them all. He also told us some dos and donts as an architecture student. 4 months into this field and to be honest we dont get that much time to spend with our friends from other fields and family, and its because we are not managing time well and now we have got used to this, atleast me. He told us just one thing “Architecture is your life now, not just these 5 years but till you die.” and that hit me hard, I never realized this until today. He also told us that you guys are working hard these 5 years but trust me its for the good. It was a very good session. He kinda motivated us to keep working and the work shall pay off, maybe not soon but someday. After the session we did our AGD sheet, just a basic plan, elevation, and isometric view and then went home. 1st day was inspirational indeed. Hoping for the best!

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